Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade

Increase the safety, security, curb appeal, reliability and efficiency of your retail space without increasing long term costs. 

Erwin Electric has been offering commercial lighting solutions since 1996 in the Tampa Bay area and surroundings.

Upgrading to LED lighting will lower your energy consumption.

A typical parking lot is lit by an array of 250 watt metal halide area lights. These fixtures can be replaced with similar or identical LED fixtures, burning only 87 watts each with the same light output! This is an energy savings of at least 65 percent! Inside, a typical commercial space is lit by a grid of 2×4 fluorescent troffer lights, burning approximately 128 watts each. These fixtures can be replaced with similar, often more visually appealing LED troffer lights burning a scant 32 or 40 watts each. Replacing your old fluorescent troffers can yield over a 68 percent savings in lighting costs for your retail or office space! This energy savings can be boosted to approximately 84 percent with the installation of optional occupancy sensors!

Bucket Truck Light Pole Repair & Maintenance
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