Erwin Electric Onward to Opportunity

Onward to Opportunity

On Thursday, September 19th, Robin Erwin was asked to represent Erwin Electric in a program for military veterans and their spouses to build skills that would help them transition into civilian careers.

Robin Erwin Onward to Opportunity

In Service to Those Who Have Served

The IVMF is committed to advancing the post-service lives of America’s service members, veterans and their families. Supported by a world class advisory board and public and private partners, our professional staff delivers unique and innovative programs in career, vocations, and entrepreneurship education and training to post 9/11 veterans and active duty military spouses, as well as tailored programs to veterans of all eras. The IVMF also provides actionable and national impacting research, policy analysis and program evaluation; and works with communities and non-profits across the nation to enhance service delivery for the 22.5 million veterans throughout the United States and their families.

“It is my pleasure to introduce the very first MacDill AFB/Tampa Bay Military Community o2o Satellite Cohort that graduated the o2o Onward to Your Career course this week!! What a fantastic group of.
I see nothing but great success stories in your futures! Please join me in congratulating them.”
– Patricia Piazza

“I was so impressed with this fantastic group of individuals and honored to be a part of the program.”
– Robin Erwin

Onward to Your Career

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